Please read for a full list of my Terms & Use as well as FAQ.
By commissioning me, you are agreeing to all terms.

All prices are in USD and are non-negotiable.
All payment is done through PayPal or Venmo.
At least half of payment is required upfront for the Twitch Super Package with the rest due after you've approved the designs. Other commissions will require the full amount paid up front to secure your spot in line with others. Files will not be sent to you until full payment has been cleared. 
You are locked into a spot on my commissions list once your first payment has gone through (not when you first contacted me), until then your turnaround times might change.
Failure to pay the remainder of a balance in a reasonable amount of time once the work is complete may result in a forfeiture of the commission. (Don’t worry, I will contact you several times before this happens). If I choose to, I may resell the artwork in this situation or in the event of a cancellation where work was already started.

How does the process work?
All designs are created in a hybrid photoshop and clip studio hybrid method using my Wacom cintiq drawing tablet. After receiving all of the reference photos and information regarding the particular assignment that is at hand I will send over a rough sketch or multiple depending on the job to verify that the product is going in the right direction. Once approved then comes the cleanup and color stage where there is an option to have your commission steamed live on Twitch for others to watch with you along with being able to keep a copy of the final completed movie.  A high solution version and low version jpeg. or .png will be sent over to you as a final delivery. 

You're free to make revisions (and please don't feel bad about it, it's a normal part of the process!), but please do keep the following in mind:
If you change your mind about an emote or sub badge and decide you want something significantly or completely different, like a pose or character change resulting in me having to start over, these kinds of revisions are subject to an additional emote or badge fee ($20-25). Similar charges apply to other kinds of graphics as well, such as profile icons, logos, banners and mascots.
Revisions made after final files have been approved and sent to you are an additional charge of $10 per revision.
If you have any concerns or don’t fully love your commission, let me know! I’d rather work with you to make it right than leave you with something you’re less than happy with.

Rush Orders
Rush orders are usually possible, but please contact me about availability first.
Rush orders bump you to the top of my commission queue and are usually completed in 1-3 days.
The fee is an additional 50% of your total commission price and your rush order must be paid in full upfront (for example, one rushed emote would be $25 + $12.50 rush fee = $37.50).

If you want to cancel your order and I've already started on it, 50% of the total commission price will be refunded. NOTE This means if you paid half upfront, there will be no refund. If you paid in full upfront, 50% will be refunded. If the commission is already finished, refunds will not be accepted.
I have the right to refuse any commission. Commissions I cancel at my discretion after payment has been sent will be given a full refund.
If you're pushy or rude I will decline your commission. This is my "fun job" and I'd prefer not to work with jerks =)

What am I allowed to do (and not to do) with these files?
Twitch emotes that you’ve commissioned or purchased may be used in your own Discord as well. I’m totally fine with you using them as profile pictures or displaying them in your overlay/banners, etc.
High resolution emote and sub badge files can be purchased for $5 each (they're already included with logo and mascot commissions). These can be used for merchandise, stickers, business cards, etc. Keep in mind, high res files give you extended use of your emotes including the ability to sell merchandise featuring them, but I don’t sell the actual ownership of the artwork. All commissioned or purchased artwork must still adhere to the following:
Please do not alter, change or recolor anything I've designed.
When appropriate, please give me credit as the artist.
No one may copy, trace, resell, claim to have created or use my work in an unauthorized way without my permission.
I do not do the following: 
NSFW or nudity, violence, hateful or racist subject matter, realism or exact likenesses of licensed characters.
I will not create an exact copy or trace of any other artist's work.
I do not sell or give out editable files. This includes the original Photoshop and Clip Studio files.

Emote Attribution:
Word of mouth is how most emote artists stay in business, so I greatly appreciate emote attribution! If you’d like to tag me as your artist when uploading your emotes, my Twitch link is
I reserve the right to use commissioned work in my portfolio including my website and social media.
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